Golden Compass Daemon Quiz

This is quite cutesy. What’s your demon – there are 70,000 different daemons on the site, apparently, and they morph depending on other people’s input on you. At the moment, mine’s a Jackal. Please contribute and you’ll change it into something else.

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  1. Grill

    Hum. It changed from a Jackal to a Fox to a Jackal.


  2. Anonymous

    what do you put 2 get an ermine bcos i did but my comp. shut down:(


  3. pengwyn

    hmmm…i think it’s probably on the dot…looking at your profile, your a libra? me too…and my daemon was a jackal =]


  4. Anonymous

    hmm…igot a jackal twice, then a wildcat…i guess i kind of am a jackal, as long as not everybody else is getting the same thing 😦 i wish i could talk to my daemon!


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