Famous at last!

Xbox 360 – The Official Magazine – Shivering Isles priced and dated

The Shivering Isle in which this expansion pack is based also boasts a completely different design ethic to the rest of Tamriel, with our own OXM Grill describing it as a “distinctly Alice in Wonderland styling,” in our mammoth preview.

After playing it extensively, he’s sure Oblivion fans are getting value for money. “It’s worth every penny,” he shouted over to us as he ran away from a pursuing band of goblins. “It’s enormous; what you originally think is a fairly small area opens up to reveal towns, dungeons, massive bosses…”

Everyone seems to think I spend all my time in Oblivion running away from Goblins. I mean, that’s true but not what I want people to know. I want them to think how cool I am for playing it, and how nicely arranged my library in Frostcrag Spire is.

Anyway, I completed the Shivering Isles today. You end up with lots of cool shit for knocking it off, believe me!

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