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We’re playing this track because it features electronica influences, a subtle use of vocal harmony, major key tonality, prominent use of synth, acoustic sonority, folk roots, dynamic vocalists, acoustic instruments.

After months of listening to Pandora, it seems to have calmed down and gives me regularly music I love. Now when I check “why did you play this track” it gives me the some version of the above answer nine times out of ten. Apparently, that’s me, which is awesome. Now to look up sonority…

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  1. Pentadact

    I’m all about the ‘mild tonal syncopation’, apparently. I like the sound of it, but 80% of Pandora’s choices for me are still abysmal.


  2. Grill

    Yeah, it does kinda throw up a lot of stuff I’ve never heard of before, or that’s awfully twee (yay!) But I guess it has a divided userbase and, after all, consistency for Americans is different from consistency for Europeans…


  3. grilly

    tuning pandora can take time, i’ve found, and it can’t always get there; for instance, i like sparks but that doesn’t mean i like 80’s electronica, a fact it fails to grasp, or you want to listen to ‘stuff like the smiths’ and it plays loads of stuff with ‘male singer’ which is not necessarily why i like them. that said, it’s given me more promising new acts in its randomness than (which to be fair i’ve not listened to as much)


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