We Heart Google

Inadvertantly, whilst I was trying to send a document to myself for copyright purposes on Gmail, I noticed a new button – open in Google Documents. I clicked it, agreed to another contract that I never read, and went in. It’s fecking amazing, a full word-processor online, completing eroding the need for the bloated Word I currently use.

Excited, I popped over to Google Labs and installed a few random Firefox extensions, before spotting Google Trends; Griliopoulos of course brought up no results, but Grill… Anyway, then I ran out of cool stuff and went to bed. The End.

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  1. Jon

    You fool! It’s Google’s copyright now!


  2. Grill

    They’ll have to fight with both Future and Oxford University, who’ve both got exclusivity details in their contracts.


  3. Pentadact

    I’ve been using it for all my work for a while now. The two things I can no longer live without are its onlininess – I’m terrible at predicting which things I’ll need at home and at work and when – and the revision history – I run spectacularly over the wordcount, cut back spectacularly, then someone tells me to ‘pad it out’.


  4. grilly

    wierd that we seem to have ran into this at the same time – here’s my current work in progress


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