Dave Gilbert ? The Shivah

Dave Gilbert: The Shivah

Glorious little rabinical mini-game I’ve been looking at. Will have to give it a go and report back. I’m also playing Kudos at the moment, a life-simulator by the maker of the excellent election/re-election sim Democracy where you start off as a 20 year-old and have to achieve success by your thirties. Though it keeps crashing on my machine, I like its elegance of design (you never really leave the main screen) and ease of communication (mostly everything you want to know is one click away). Once the glitches are ironed out, it’ll be worth a pop.

3 thoughts on “Dave Gilbert ? The Shivah

  1. The Sphinx he say:You can eventually take the Rabbi out of the synagogue, but you can never take the synagogue out of the Rabbi.


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