Month: July 2006

  • ECT

    Last night I had Sausages and Mash for dinner. Well, Sausages at 6 O’Clock and Mash at Midnight; does that count as Sausages and Mash for dinner? Then I went dreamy-bye-bye, and thought about ambling barefoot over the paving stones of didsbury, aimlessly walking to work. Then I dreamt of games, and got so annoyed […]

  • LucasArts!

    ME: …and Nintendo! I don’t how to broach this but, as a gamer, I’m really excited to see what you’re doing with the Wii controller, Digital MM and euphoria, especially for the Indy game! Peter Hirschmann, Vice-President of LucasArts: (Laughs) You want a Wii world exclusive? ME I’d have to hide it, I wouldn’t be […]

  • Day in the life

    Day in the life Multiple alarms go off. I’m lying in dirty sheets with an Oblivion hangover and I should be getting up for work. Instead of which I’ve piled all the duvets and my too-many pillows and cushions up (incidentally crushing my plush Gonzo) and thrust my face in, feeling for the crisp coolness […]

  • The Smiths on Charlie’s Bus with Sandie Shaw (April 1984) That’s awesomely surreal. A very young group called The Smiths appear with Sandie Shaw on the kid’s show “Charlie’s Bus.” Watch for the magic disappearing-reappearing child behind Sandie’s shoulder.

  • CANCER, to cure (2)

    Externally apply the following; simmer cicuta leaves till they are soft, then mix them with slippery elm bark, to form a poultice; apply morn and night. It is valuable.-Or apply the irritating plaster, for a continual discharge must be kept up, as long as the patient is able to bear it. The douch bath has […]