Magnetic fields created using nanotechnology could make computers up to 500 times faster

Magnetic fields created using nanotechnology could make computers up to 500 times faster

Dream, dream, dream. ” “We can only go so far in getting more power from silicon chips by shrinking their components – conventional technology is already reaching the physical limits of materials it uses, such as copper wiring, and its evolution will come to a halt.

“But if this research is successful, it could make computers with wireless semi-conductors a possibility within five or ten years of the end of the project. Then computers could be made anything from 200 to 500 times quicker and still be the same size.”

Such a failure of imagination. When we’ve made transistors out of wireless signals, why not larger components? Why not a computer entirely made up of intersecting wireless signals, interacting and cancelling inside a magnetic containment field or something equally good at preventing their escape from their glass prison through refraction. Indeed, the image of a clear box using intense magnetism to trap light so it’s just black appeals to me somewhy… though of course, it’d need to prevent light getting into it as well, so it would be essentially mirrored. Inside it the 3D interactions of the electromagnetic beams either projected and received by transmitters on the box walls or, further down the line, organised by the alterable interior shape…

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