SUCKING PIG, to roast

Get it when just killed; this is of great advantage. Let it be scalded. Put some sage, crumbs of bread, salt and pepper, into the belly, and sew it up. Observe to skewer the legs back or the under part will not crisp. Lay it to a brisk fire till dry; then rub the pig with butter in every part. Dredge flour over it; scrape off the flour with a blunt knife, rub it well with a buttered cloth, and take off the head while at the fire. Then take it up, cut it down the back and belly, lay it into the dish, and chop quickly the sage and bread very fine, and mix plenty of melted butter and a little flour. Put the sauce into the dish after the pig has been split down the back, and garnished with the ears and two jaws. Many now serve a sucking pig whole. Put the gravy into the sauce; and garnish with lemon or bread sauce and currants.

…for all you want to know.

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