YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

6 thoughts on “YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

  1. OMG! I thought it was from the 70s or something! I hope those incredibly uncool sandals were not yours! As much as I dig man-sandals, they are *peep-toes* for god’s sake!


  2. Well, who else would have them? I think they’re cool anyway! What are yours, a fine filigree of leather cords that look great (for a Roman Centurion) but fall apart in a weak wind? 😛


  3. Hehe I do have a pair of sandals like that but Klebfest shoe glue is my friend in that regard. I have lots of other pairs of lovely strappy sandals too. I am glad you like your shoes x


  4. it’s a great vid. wrong thread i know, but i loved the ‘they’re made out of meat’ thing too. i really want to make a film, i just don’t have enough friends in any one place.


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