Cthulhu & Bush

About the Film: “The Cthulhu itself, whose name is only an approximation of inhuman speech, has lain asleep on the ocean floor since the dawn of time and is being summoned by human and half-human followers to rise and claim the world. Like many others, we believe this agenda is being pursued by those who live among us innocuously, but whose actions promote sprawl, pollution, climate change and war.

We’re also into the gay stuff, so there’s some of that as well.”

Cthulhu the movie. Looking awesomely pretentious. Though not as fun to watch as the excellent speech by Stephen Colbert at the Annual White House Correspondents (read – All The President’s Men) Dinner. John Walker has a better summary on his site, but suffice to say Bush sits there with an expression on his face like a fox eating shit off a wire brush. I think it’s meant to be a smile.

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