Bothered & Bewildered

“Couldn’t sleep,
Wouldn’t sleep,
Til lag came and told me I shouldn’t sleep.
Bewitched, bothered n bewildered
Am I…”

Been to L.A. & San Fran for pre-E3 stuff again this year. Disappointingly, depressingly, there seem very few new games for the 360 over the next few months, let alone year. Never mind, I had a lovely time; went to Magic Mountain, got extremely sunburnt, went to bed, had delirium (again), ate lots of good food and hung around with persons of good humour. Spent last Wednesday in a $12 million mansion in the Hollywood hills, with a view right across L.A. to where the Sierra Nevada rises out of the smog, surrounded by geeks and models. Was in San Francisco on the 18th, the 100th anniversary of the earthquake there, but everything seemed very lo-key. I get the feeling that the city is one of those places that has much more under the surface. Got on a boat with the delightful Ben Richardson from Games Radar and sailed round Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate. Twas very welcome.

Get back and I’m jet-lagged, ill and feeling much-abused. Getting a little tired of this job now – I can see the magazine’s not doing as well as it should be and the contents of the magazine aren’t always as good as they should be (for which I take my share of the blame). I really should move to a different profession or just go freelance but I’m entirely too scared/lazy. Sigh. Give it three months, if there are no more games announced and no signs of promotion, I’ll move on and go travelling or something.

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