6 thoughts on “BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Pentagon plans cyber-insect army

  1. They want to remote control sharks, too:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/4767428.stmI don’t know about you, but I think that’s got to be about as ethically unsound as training dolphins to hunt mines (or enemy divers) in war zones.Not that the USA seems to have a problem with violating the very basic rights of *HUMANS* (Guantanamo Bay, anyone?)…To quote Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park: “scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”And also: “God help us; we’re in the hands of engineers.”


  2. That diagram is like the ones Radiohead used to promote OK Computer. If it wasn’t so scary I would laugh.Two words:Bug spray.


  3. The DARPA site, I mean bloody hell,terrifying and fascinating. For example, “Intestinal Fortitude” where soldiers eat bacteria so they can digest grass, “Negative index materials” are lenses that don’t reflect light at all, and “Polymer snow” is, y’know, fake snow. Also there are some they don’t expand on, like the cryptic “sticky flares”. Like normal trousers only with uhu? Or tapered twigs? Who knows.


  4. Well, as long as they start implanting the chips in people as well, they’ll be ethically consistent. Though to be fair, they’ve got a fairly strong chain of ethics. They value the family first, then the individual, then society, then animals, then plants and minerals. They definitely value things on “similarity to me”, taking which on board the US’ behaviour is entirely explicable.Following the same principle, I’d allow scientists to do anything they want – as long as they test it on republicans before animals, as the latter are more similar to me than the former…Shine: nice. That’ll deal with them. I’m surprised no-one’s made a bugger, bug, bug (electronic joke) yet. But now I’ve thought about it, I will retroactively alter the post to make it seem like that was the title. Aha!


  5. Agh, Toller too!? So… many… comments!I love browsing DARPA. It’s surprising more of its random projects don’t hit the news – you know that the American defense research budget is 80% of the world’s defense research? They can just pour money into these crazy projects because of the vested interests of the military-industrial complex that funds all the politicians. You should so move into that Toll – pitch something neuroscientific to them! Like inducing disabilities in soldiers so they can learn to keep going when injured in different ways!


  6. “Like inducing disabilities in soldiers so they can learn to keep going when injured in different ways!”Why am I thinking of Half-Life 2’s headcrab zombies right now?*DARPA Scientist prepares Gravity Gun and fuck-off-huge ripsaw blade*”Okay, Private Collins, see how you deal with this!”


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