Batshit movie trailer, taken from http://www.warrenellis.com. Do tell me if you’ve got any idea what the frick this is about…

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  1. Chiarina

    Grilly grillbo, could you set up an RSS feed for your blog? *Flutters eyelashes winningly*


  2. Grill

    *Heart flutters in time with eyelashes*I’ve got a feeling there’s an RSS feed here already – or at least an atom one – let me find it.*montage symbolising passage of time, grill poring over ancient tomes, talking to hermits on mountain tops, scraping seaweed away from runes in undersea caves.* http://gril.blogspot.com/atom.xml is a feed. Don’t think blogger supports RSS itself though… what’s your aggregator, oh my Lady of the Quivering Lids?


  3. Chiarina

    I use SharpReader…I will check if the feed works when I get home! C x


  4. Grill

    According to this page here it supports atom 0.3 which means I have no idea what.:S


  5. Iain

    Are you absolutely sure you’re publishing the feed? You need make sure that you’ve got your Site Feed settings put to Publish Site Feed = Yes and Descriptions = Full and republish your entire blog from the Posting > Status tab so that the live bookmark icon will appear in their appropriate place in your web browser of choice…


  6. Chiarina

    It works! Yay!


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