If Coleman is to be believed, then I suspect the single most important thing I’ve learned is that the chocolate business is full of lying bastards out to exploit the public and flog inferior crap. This is not how he put it, and it’s not how he comes across (more of that in a minute), but over the course of the anecdotes about other chocolate makers, it’s very hard not to see a picture emerging. Coleman has apparently heard other people in the chocolate business say things like “you don’t have to like what you make”, something I (and he) find incomprehensible. As far as I’m concerned, if a person can’t stand behind their work, then they are a hideous shitehawk, and should be scourged with rusty barbed wire.

Fan-bloody-tastic. Alasdair (real-world name, crazy I know) went to L’Artisan Du Chocolat for a tasting (girls, cease your paroxysms. isms.) He reports on Chocolate and what it’s meant to taste like with admirable aplomb. (Stolen via and the endless BoingBoing.)

UPDATE: You can book these tastings for £35 apiece here.

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