The Fridge Door

Toller sez:

> regarding:
> goddammit, i just spent about 10mins (alright, 30) trying to write ‘stroop effect’ on a fridge and ‘banksy’ on a scratchboard – why is it everyone draws
> willies? I would’ve myself but it was willies everywhere. it’s ridiculous.
> All theories about the purpose of art should take this on board since
> it is clear that, across the world, the most frequently-drawn thing
> by a factor of a shmolean is a tadger. either it’s that art reflects
> life (i.e. the artist is trying to say ‘i’m a cock’) or it’s for
> the emotional expression of a political view (‘you’re a cock) or else
> more of a visceral, expressionist, abstract communication (‘lo, behold cockness’). But it should have its own section in art galleries, standing proudly (sorry) next to still lifes, self-portraits and landscapes: life seen through
> one eye.
> back to the fridge door.

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