which is louder, a snowmobile or a tractor?

Toller sez:

which is louder, a snowmobile or a tractor?

a snowmobile, obviously.
did you know a walkman is louder than a power saw? Or a toaster is louder
than motorway traffic? no, me neither, and it’s not very interesting for
that matter:


zooey crying, for instance, is as loud as a symphony orchestra in full
swing although slightly more tuneful i’ll wager.

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  1. Toller

    hmm, a toilet is louder thanan alarm clock…right i’ve reconnected the plumbing in myflat to the beep on my alarmclock and awoke drenched butrefreshedtoller


  2. alphonse79

    A shotgun is 20 dBs louder than a jet taking off? I’ve stood next to both, and I’m here to tell you that that has to be bollocks. A 747 getting cross beats a .39 Winchester every time. Not to say that shotguns aren’t really f(*&king loud, mind you. They are, just not as loud as a very big plane.


  3. Aaron

    I think DB might measure something other than what we would call the “volume” of something… perhaps it also has to do with sharpness, intensity and so on? Ohh how easy it would be to look it up, but then I’d have to read something in a studious manner…


  4. Iain

    I guess if they’ve measured the figures, shotguns *are* that loud. It’s just the noise of a 747 taking off lasts a lot longer than the bang of a shotgun, so *seems* louder.For me the loudest thing I ever heard was a BAC Lightning taking off with full afterburner at the Mildenhall Airshow back in 1989. I thought my head was going to explode. The SR-71 they had there was pretty bloody loud, too.


  5. TxHHizIf

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