John Walker Style BBC Rant

Quote from some radio 4 wildlife programme. “Predation is good for the herd because it weeds out the weaker members of the species.” Sounds like a justification for a psycho-killer movie to me.

Actually, I heard some dreadful shlock on Radio 4 last presented by Judith Hann, who stopped being a TV presenter because the stress got to her. The programme was about a new character profiling system that uses five categories to perfectly characterise anyone, just like astrology or other cons for the unfortunately gullible. Funnily enough it told Judith she was prone to stress and was extrovert and a hundred other things she knew already (and we all knew after five minutes of hearing her burble on about herself, her family, her teeth, etc). If you want to join me in feeling disgust at this piece of vapid nonsense and mourn the temporary death of a British institution, you can hear it here.

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