The Grill of Babylon

Woo! I’m doing Metal Hammer‘s game reviews section jointly with young MasterGillen (no not that one), for this month anyway. We need to come up with a name for ourselves though – they rejected Gril N’ Gil for sounding fay. Which is fair for a metal magazine…

Anyway, I’ve been forced to put a bit of blog up elsewhere, for the magazine. It’s rough but it’s up on However, you’ll notice (having immediately clicked on that link in your frenzied hunger to consume more of my ouevre – which I think means egg) that you need a log-in code for that link. If you’re really all that interested, mail me and I’ll try and find you one…

Oh, and a friend of a friend died suddenly in the gym about a week ago – 27 I think he was. He’d never looked healthy, but he was actually fit enough he must have just pushed himself too far. No more exercise for me then!

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