CBBC Newsround | Sci/Tech | Tongue-eating bug found in fish

CBBC Newsround | Sci/Tech | Tongue-eating bug found in fish

(Don’t ask why I’m reading newsround.)

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  1. chiarina

    Cripes! It looks like a crustacean, but they are calling it a bug….they’re both arthropods but it’s not very informative now is it, esp seeing bug can mean prokaryote or bacteria. It’s much grosser than a cookie cutter shark….(gouge bits of dolphin and other sea mammal flesh out with a specially adapted mouth. This is their food)You are of course reading newsround because you can’t be a grown up all the time.


  2. Iain

    Thanks to your last post, now I know where you stole this link from…This is the post that caught my eye:http://www.livejournal.com/users/jwz/539975.htmlThe comments thread is particularly eye opening.


  3. Grill

    Stole? STOLE?How can you steal a link – you merely share the amusement and pass it on.(tch, stole.)


  4. Iain

    It’s okay. I steal links all the time. And then I post them on my blog where no-one will read them… Hang on…


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