The Angler Fish………………………………….: “Another unusual adaptation in anglerfish is their sexual dimorphism. The males are very small in comparison with the females, and live as permanent parasites on the female. The male attaches himself, by biting, to the body of the female. His mouth fuses with her skin, and the bloodstreams of the two fishes become connected. The male is now totally dependent on the female for nourishment. In fact, the male begins to degenerate. His eyes grow smaller and he eventually loses them. His internal organs disappear.The male becomes simply a source of sperm. ”

(Sigh) We all know people like that.

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  1. Aaron

    …and want to be them…?


  2. Chiarina

    Urgh urgh urgh! (And that’s just what the male angler fish said!) Male praying mantises copulate faster and produce more sperm when their heads have been bitten off. I mean, who came up with that idea? Total utter weirdness!


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