(congrats to Liverpool fans btw – well fought).

Labour want teenagers doing community service to wear orange suits. The probation service, having had this idea before, argue that it was stymied because the teenagers won’t turn up if they’re being humiliated (which also raises the question as to what the government and/or probation service are seeking to do here, what purpose they see in community service – slave labour, ritual humiliation a la the stocks, punishment, or reparation?) I’d disagree; being forced to wear pyjamas with arrows all over them might be humiliating, but as you can see from the image below, orange suits are cool. Why wouldn’t teenagers turn up if they could dress up like that?

It strikes me that Labour are showing a profound lack of erm, humility, here to criminal teenagers; indeed since they expelled George Galloway and his Respect coalition, they have displayed nothing but contempt. Not quite sure what I’m trying to put my finger on here, but I’m reminded of that Aretha Franklin tune, how’s it go? R.E.S.P.E.C.T… Such a bad move, introducing morality into politics; it’ll be a rod for their own back, I tell ya.

A young offender scouring the streets of Manchester for chewing gum. Posted by Hello



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