Month: May 2005

  • And the horror at Episode III keeps flooding in… 1. A 33-year-old factory supervisor who identified herself as “Priscilla” said the man got out of his tinted two-door car, strutted about menacingly in his Darth Vader suit before opening it and revealing himself to 15 women workers standing at a bus stop at about 7am. […]

  • (congrats to Liverpool fans btw – well fought). Labour want teenagers doing community service to wear orange suits. The probation service, having had this idea before, argue that it was stymied because the teenagers won’t turn up if they’re being humiliated (which also raises the question as to what the government and/or probation service are […]

  • The Carbonised Man

    Three things I remember; the bridge, the warnings and the bomb. The bridge was located in the city-centre over Deansgate; in fact it’’s still there, polygonal and filthy, scrabby bushes sheltering tin cans from the cleaning machines crammed up against it. I remember we used to walk past it every time we went to my […]

  • Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | ‘Look at that bling!’: “‘Young people are like women,’ says the Nike lad with a sage nod. ‘They like attention. They like to be heard.’”

  • BBC NEWS | Health | Discovery of ‘irony’ brain areas: “By comparing healthy people and those with damage to different parts of the brain, they found the front of the brain was a key to understanding irony.” Next week: brain found to be seat of soul; kidneys say “we’re miffed.”