Silent Hunter III

Four days out of Frankfurt, and we’re tracking a small merchantman heading for Niemejgen. We were cruising towards out our target sector just off Dover when we spotted it, and we’ve taken a lengthy detour to chase it down. Silent Hunter lets you speed up time, so this has only taken ten tense minutes or so. The weather’s stormy and it’s nighttime when we catch up with it, just off the coast of Holland. We submerge to get closer and, though we almost lose sight of it, we manage to swing round to get abeam of it. Increased reality settings in the game make controlling the submarine more and more complicated until 100% reality means you’ll probably need training in advanced geometry and engineering to even get the unterseeboat out of the harbour, let along fire a torpedo like we’re doing. Rapid jotted notes on the ingame notepad gives us the gyro settings and we release the first torpedo into the side of the tiny cargoship, with a follow-up a ten seconds later, in case our calculations are wrong. The first torpedo hits the hull and bounces off. (Duds are frequent.) Just before the second torpedo hits, the first explodes crippling the ship despite the distance. The second ploughs into the centre of the ship, explodes and the ship lists, cracks in two, and the two halves sink into the stormy waves.

Conclusion From the ridiculous

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