Zero Tolerance, by The Plaid Adder – Democratic Underground: ” A ‘homosexuality detection expert’ at the similarly conservative Family Research Council told the NY Times that words like ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ are part of a ‘coded language that is regularly used by the homosexual community.’

In other words, the very concept of tolerance – the idea that we should all try to live together in peace and harmony instead of being constantly at war with each other – is now obnoxious to the religious right. Tolerance is a bad thing. Tolerance, in fact, will make your children gay. And since being gay is absolutely the worst thing in the world that could possibly happen to them, we must all fight tolerance anywhere it lurks – on the beaches, in the hills, in the streets, and of course in big yellow pineapples under the sea. We must never be misled into tolerating tolerance where it encroaches on our families, our schools, or the public airwaves. We must work ceaselessly and with constant vigilance toward that glorious day when we can say, finally, that we have achieved zero tolerance.”

Like I said with the immigration argument, the only thing not worth tolerating is intolerance. The U.S. religious right have recognised the locus of tolerance is kid’s TV, and now seem to be be intolerant of tolerance itself, for fear that it might lead to their children too being tolerant. I bet they’re also intolerant of tolerating others’ tolerance. How bloody recursive can this get?

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