I’ve been playing more computer games than god recently.

Though god tends to play games with people, not PCs.

He’s traditional multiplayer like that, has Baal, Krishna guru Murphy and Dionysus round for gin-rummy regular-like (he didn’t invite Dionysus, but he always turns up anyway – claims he’s the spirit of every party.)

Which reminds me; YOU!

That’s right, YOU!

The person with no shame!

Go and buy Munchkin now!

A quizzical self-referential game about roleplaying as someone playing a game.

Available nowhere, now!

Erm, where was I? Yes, games. Filled up my 160GB hard drive, lickety split. (Is that the phrase or is that something Paul used to say? In my senescence, I forget.) Doom3, Dawn of War, World of Warcraft, EverQuest II, Battle for Middle Earth, Half Life 2, Freedom Force (I got bored of the other ones, okay?) Oddly because of this, I’m reading loads again as I have to sit here and wait for my computer to slowly burn through the piles of absurdity sloughing onto my hard drive. Excellent Catch-22 alike called The Choirboys I picked up for pulp entertainment. It’s all short snippets of just how the police exploit their time and authority, but the characters it builds walk straight into your imagination without knocking. They’re all stereotypes now, but the way they’re written feels so fresh. Looking about it looks like a movie was made of it with Charles Durning from The Sting as lead. sounds bloody awful, but has a middling IMDB rating.

Oh, yeah, almost forget, I read Bukowski‘s Pulp last night – incandescent pulp parody, but with that loving edge that leans towards tribute. Nick Belane is an alcoholic first and a detective second and an alcoholic first. (hic!) The beginning of the book is perfect; it has the dame’s entrance scene, the first stakeout, the counter-offer, the surly landlord, the dangerous driving, Celine. Well, perhaps Celine isn’t a traditional character, more of a 19th century french writer, but nor is Lady Death or the space aliens or… yeah, it starts out as good parody anyway, but the middle bit where Belane just walks into bar after bar and argues with bar staff over and over and over, that, McGuffin, that could do with some work.

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