Month: August 2004

Darwinia . Exposure . Future Publishing Demo Day Look, I’m semi-famous! (The other shots are blackmail material…)

Ho hum; I just spent four days sat in a hotel conference room in Slough with five other lads. To disabuse you of the glories of PC games journalism, there’s no quicker way than to point to the horrors of four days of young lives poured into a computer, producing nothing, relaxing in no way, […]

Yahoo! News – Revenge Really Is Sweet, Study Shows: “‘After squeezing back the intruder, you can’t help but notice a smile creep onto your face,’ Knutson wrote in a commentary. That instinct probably evolved to grease the wheels of human social interaction, the researchers said. ‘For thousands of years, human societies did not have the […]

Slickball Online Demo For all those lab-monkeys with time on their hands…

Sick to death of Bath. Maybe it’s cos I’m away every other weekend, but ‘m just tired of . I love it here when it’s sunny, and I can lie outside in a deckchair, and read, and booze, and have pub lunches and have an occaisional kickabout. But when it’s grim, I’m nailed to my […]