Month: August 2004

The official Rocky Horror Show script with all the ad-libs! (Including the audience’s)

Manchester, So Much To Answer For – How a boom ended Manchester’s bust. A returnee’s view of Manc – myself, I get vaguely the same feeling when I pop back, the feeling that the reconstruction after the IRA bomb hasn’t really worked and that the little shmatty shops that filled the corn exchange (indeed, the […] Toby and I have been discussing our genes. Unusually for an Indie-kid (perhaps because I’ve never really been a whole-hearted one) I’m quite looking forward to having sprogs. Yet most of the supposedly liberal set I know aren’t; in fact, most of them are dead set against it. Phrases range from “I wouldn’t inflict […]

Oxford Tops UK Air Pollution List NOx Cigarette Equivalent in 24 Hours Oxford 61.4 Bath 46.8 Glasgow – Kerbside 44.7 London, Marylebone Road 30.0 Kensington & Chelsea, King’s Road 29.6 Exeter 27.7 Hammersmith Broadway 27.3 Bristol – City Centre 27.1 Sheffield – Tinsley 27.1 Brent 26.7 For a non-smoker, it appears I’ve unfortunately averaged a […] — 24-Hour News: National News — Company pulls toys depicting Sept. 11 attack: “Small toys showing an airplane flying into the World Trade Center were packed inside more than 14,000 bags of candy and sent to small groceries around the country before being recalled.”