Month: August 2004

  • Plot Keywords for Eraserhead (1977)

  • The official Rocky Horror Show script with all the ad-libs! (Including the audience’s)

  • Manchester, So Much To Answer For – How a boom ended Manchester’s bust. A returnee’s view of Manc – myself, I get vaguely the same feeling when I pop back, the feeling that the reconstruction after the IRA bomb hasn’t really worked and that the little shmatty shops that filled the corn exchange (indeed, the […]

  • Toby and I have been discussing our genes. Unusually for an Indie-kid (perhaps because I’ve never really been a whole-hearted one) I’m quite looking forward to having sprogs. Yet most of the supposedly liberal set I know aren’t; in fact, most of them are dead set against it. Phrases range from “I wouldn’t inflict […]

  • Oxford Tops UK Air Pollution List NOx Cigarette Equivalent in 24 Hours Oxford 61.4 Bath 46.8 Glasgow – Kerbside 44.7 London, Marylebone Road 30.0 Kensington & Chelsea, King’s Road 29.6 Exeter 27.7 Hammersmith Broadway 27.3 Bristol – City Centre 27.1 Sheffield – Tinsley 27.1 Brent 26.7 For a non-smoker, it appears I’ve unfortunately averaged a […]