Thatcher in balls munchies shocker: “opponents of despotic President Teodoro Obiang Nguema, claim he eats the testicles of executed prisoners in the belief that it boosts his sex life.”

Nguema, Thatcher, and example testicles (a cat’s).

Bad luck for ‘Sir’ Mark Thatcher, in that the dictator he may have been involved in over-throwing has a taste for prisoners’ balls; also an indication that there may have been justification in the coup attempt.

How exactly did the arms-running son of Margaret “Sink the Belgrano” Thatcher end up a knight? If, as I suspect, it is to do with her being a Baroness leading to her heir automatically acquiring the title, then isn’t it an indicator that something needs to be done about our honours system? An honours system that honours only politicians, rich businessmen, civil servants, and their kin, and throws at most an occasional mediocre MBE to the public services that deserve our congratulation. (Though if I talked about them, we’d be forced to bitch about them too…)

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