Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116

What my Stepdad read as a marriage vow to my mum last weekend… God, what a sweet speech he gave as well; I had to go and hide in the kitchen for fear of tears. Not mine – I only cry at movies – Bowling for Columbine and My Girl being two unusual ones.

In fact, I’m a little worried (always a little worried, Dan) as I’ve been reading Camus’ collected works (donated by a fellow Sociopath to the Educate-Grilly cause) and the Outsider has disturbed me unduly; especially as I’m following it with Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading which picks up where Outsider leaves off. The Outsider deals with a man not living up to the norms of society, the expectations of society in the face of moral events (the death of his mother, his eventual murder of an Arab) and how society treats one who will not react correctly (I’ll clue you in – the trial isn’t what you would call favourable.) Beheading picks up with a man waiting in prison, in anticipation of an imminent execution that never comes; as we all are is the immediate cod-philosophical response. I’m only a page or two into it, but the writing style is pleasingly experimental and similarly disturbing – there’s something of Lolita in it, more of The Trial of Joseph K.

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