Real people that some believe never existed

Ethelred the Unready King of England 978 to 1016 – 63 per cent

William Wallace 13th-century Scottish hero – 42 per cent

Benjamin Disraeli Prime minister and founder of the modern Tory party – 40 per cent

Genghis Khan, Mongol conqueror – 38 per cent

Benito Mussolini, Fascist dictator, 33 per cent

Adolf Hitler – 11 per cent

Winston Churchill – 9 per cent

Real events some people believe never took place

Battle of the Bulge 52 per cent

Battle of Little Big Horn Scene of Custer’s last stand – 48 per cent

Hundred Years’ War 44 per cent

Cold War – 32 per cent

Battle of Hastings, 15 per cent

Fictional characters who we believe were real

King Arthur , mythical monarch of the Round Table – 57 per cent

Robin Hood – 27 per cent

Conan the Barbarian – 5 per cent

Richard Sharpe , fictional cad and warrior – 3 per cent

Edmund Blackadder – 1 per cent

Xena Warrior Princess – 1 per cent

Fictional events that we believe did take place

War of the Worlds , Martian invasion – 6 per cent

Battle of Helms Deep , Rings Trilogy – The Two Towers – 3 per cent

Battle of Endor , The Return of the Jedi – 2 per cent

Planet of the Apes , the apes rule Earth – 1 per cent

Battlestar Galactica , the defeat of humanity by cyborgs – 1 per cent

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