1. Title

2. Strap

3. Details

4. Developer Box

5. Body copy

6. Press Pass boxout

7. Boxouts

8. Callouts

9. Images

10. Captions

Title: Joint Operations:

Strap: Dan Griliopoulos battens down the hatches and digs out the rolling mat…


Genre: FPS

Due date:

Must see scene: A large screen grab and around 30 words describing one key scene that’s been demoed to you.

Developer box: Where has this game come from? Why is the developer important? You tell us… We need:

Developer: The name of the developer.

Publisher: Novalogic

Web address: (for the game, not the publisher)


Image – one headshot of a lead designer/programmer/producer, with a short factual caption telling us who he/she is.

Who are they?: 70-80 words of brief historical overview with previous games and alumni from the studio.

What are they doing? Up to 80 words describing the company’s current work and future plans. Are they going to change the world of gaming with their vision? Or is this game all they will ever do?

Body copy:

Press Pass: This boxout is about the marketing hype. It features a single dynamic screenshot accompanied by:

Strap: 20 words about the marketing campaign in general

They say: A 40-50 quote straight from the press release. As sensible or ridiculous as you like.

We say: Has the game got a hope in hell of meeting their expectations? 40-50 words describing your opinion as to whether this is a winner or not (Not too harsh though).

Boxouts: These can take several forms. Either:

– A large half page grab with title, strap and seven or eight incredibly interesting or amusing annotations

– A two grab box (one large, one small) with a title, strap and 100 words of copy.

– A three step walkthrough with header, strap and three grabs with a 30 word caption for each.

1 page – 1 short boxout

2 page – 2 boxes

3 page – 4 boxes

Images & Captions:

Indo-nesia future, there is only war.

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