Month: January 2004

  • Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Von Hagens forced to return controversial corpses to China

  • MSNBC – Thar she blows! Dead whale explodes: “‘More than 100 Tainan city residents, mostly men, have reportedly gone to see the corpse to ‘experience’ the size of its penis,’ the newspaper reported.”

  • I Robot Now My god. I think we’ve created satire.

  • The Cat and the Hat as Viet Nam War Text, Tim Driscoll Researching the Cat in the Hat for game news, I came across a wealth of inutility comparable to a holiday in a hash field. This book has inspired (and I use that term loosely) people to make the most esoteric design decisions. Considering […]

  • 1. Title 2. Strap 3. Details 4. Developer Box 5. Body copy 6. Press Pass boxout 7. Boxouts 8. Callouts 9. Images 10. Captions Title: Joint Operations: Strap: Dan Griliopoulos battens down the hatches and digs out the rolling mat… Details: Genre: FPS Due date: Must see scene: A large screen grab and around 30 […]