Month: November 2003

The Alien Online – Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror News, Reviews, Articles and more… An article on the caterer, a comic no-one I know will ever have read, or will read. But sounds great. (I wasn’t going to blog this, cos I found it on someone else’s blog, but I was listening to Ian Dury, […]

Daft Fucker Sorry to say, but that’s the only response to this Wacko Jacko feller – John Walker asks “Mr Jackson, did you not explicitly state in 1987, that you were ‘bad’?” I prefer to think of him as a sacrificial hero – we build these people up to replace our heroes of old, and […]

2 Deep Purple CDs survived shuttle crash Smoke on the Water? Down to Earth? Machine Head?

OWOS Bush Virtual March In case you want to protest against Bush, but can’t be arsed leaving your computer, try this site…