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Daft Fucker

Sorry to say, but that’s the only response to this Wacko Jacko feller – John Walker asks “Mr Jackson, did you not explicitly state in 1987, that you were ‘bad’?” I prefer to think of him as a sacrificial hero – we build these people up to replace our heroes of old, and then we knock them down, like we did the sacrificial sun king when his year’s reign was up, we dig around until we find a flaw in our heroes and then take infinite pleasure in reminding thme that it’s the mob that’s always in charge.

I don’t like the guy; I think he’s been manipulated, abused, and so on, yet I think he’s been an arrogant shmuck and don’t see a reason to forgive a man his flaws just because they’ve got causes. He’s done something wrong and it’s something we think contrary to the maintenance of society as commonly conceived (and something we seem to have as the greatest evil currently available, worse than the taking of a life, the wrecking of one, but that’s a different story…) and in our society that requires punishment.

Though, as John says, he’ll buy his way out, the poor shmuck, and end up even more in hock to his managers and insudtry associates…

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