1. Game title

Metal Arms: Glitch In The System

2. Specs

Publisher: VU Games

Developer: Swinging Ape Studios

Price: 39.99

Players: 1+

Out: 21 November 2003

Web site: http://www.metalarms.com/

60Hz mode: Yes

Widescreen: xx

Surround sound: xx

Peripherals: xx

3. Strap

A little lost robot looks for himself. With big guns.

(8-10 words)

5. Body

Making a game can be an expensive process. There’s design, programming, marketing, scripting, and a million other costs to consider. So it’s fine to see Metal Arms: The Pointless Subtitle economising by reusing a Disney script, one of those ‘The Search For Princess Toy Bambi’ quest-for-friends vomit-stories, as the amnesiac hunk o’ junk Glitch tries to work who he is, whilst being pursued by the evil Colonel Corrosive and his Mils.

Metal Arms isn’t half bad mind, beyond the generic plot. Crossing platforming with FPS, it ends up with a slightly dull version of Halo. Glitch himself is a cobbled together midget-droid. One controller moves him, the other looks, and the shoulder buttons fire and throw grenades. The weapon selection is all adapted from workmen’s tools, but at root it’s just the normal FPS selection; so the sniper rifle is a rivet gun, the pistol is a mining laser, and so on. As you progress you pick up other Metroid-style upgrades and extra multiplayer levels, but it can be hard to keep going.

Even the multiplayer has hints of Halo about it. Gaming is not exactly frantic, as the maps feel a little too large for just eight players. Certain levels take the control tether from one of the levels, and let’s you use it to capture and control Mils, which adds a Quake Team Arena style bot vs bot element to the battles, and others add the vehicles from the game, but it never really rises above the average throughout. Altogther, a good one for the kids if a robo-mite tricky at that.

6. Verdict Boxout


/Graphics (Glitch’s environs are well varied, if robo-drab) (6)/

/Sound (Some worthy industrial electronica (arf!) ) (8

/Gameplay (not riveting, but not (s)crap either) (7)/

/Life span (We can rebuild him!) (6)/

//Overall Verdict (Halo for kids. And robophiles) (7)//

Commission Type: Review

Game: NHL Hitz Pro

Pages : 1/2

Wordcount:250 words

Boxouts: N/A

Grabs: 8

Fee: £40

Deadline: Tue 23rd September 10am. Grabs 2pm the same day

1. Game title

NHL Hitz Pro

2. Specs

Publisher: Midway

Developer: Midway

Price: 29.99

Players: 1+

Out: 21 November 2003

Web site: http://www.midway.com

60Hz mode: No

Widescreen: xx

Surround sound: xx

Peripherals: xx

3. Strap

Like Smash Hits, but with more mullets

5. Body

The UK aficionados of Ice Hockey can be counted on the stumps of one mutilated Canadian mitt, yet the brutiful game still seems to manage to churn out European releases every year. If NHL 2004 is the stark-eyed zealot’s game, then Hitz is the beer swilling fan’s. It doesn’t have the spread of international leagues of NHL, or the Champ Man stylings office furnishings and portly little avatars, or even the same team rosters, but it tries to make Hockey ‘fun.’ (!)

This Pro version takes no time at all to learn; in fact there’s an excellent ‘Hockey School’ mode where current Canadian hockey heroes like Nicklas Lidstrom tell you ‘aboot’ the ‘bootiful’ game, and how to translate it to Hitz Pro. A different sort of school mode’s also included, in the shape of ‘Pick-Up’ mode. Here you’re not playing as professional NHL types, you’re playing as school kids in outsize kits on their frozen pond, or mechanics on a glazed carpark. Unlike Hitz 2003, it also sticks to realistic NHL features such as 5-on-5 gameplay, league rules and penalties.

And where would a hockey game be without two polo-necked rednecks pounding the living bejesus out of each other. The fights much worse than NHL 2004’s – it’s simple button bashing stuff – but win one and your team suddenly comes aflame (literally), no longer getting tired as quickly, throwing themselves at the opposition, until you stick one away. It might not have NHL 2004’s po-faced commitment to xxx, or even high production values, but it tries it’s damnedest to be fun.


6. Verdict Boxout


/Graphics (the usual Midway mix of pyrotechnics) (7)/

/Sound (Hilarious voice-overs and top-notch tutorials) (9)/

/Gameplay (Nice variety of modes, rapid tweakable play) (6)/

/Life span (Lacks the seasonal mode of NHL 2004) (7)/

//Overall Verdict (Ice, ice baby… offensive second to NHL 2004, but not by a long way. (7)



There are few harder things in life than introducing yourself, especially in print where mellifluous nuance can turn to indulgent wankery. So. I am definitely a 'writer'. You could also call me an 'artist'. I could probably put the words 'designer' and 'consultant' here too, but they feel crass.

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