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Smokers are like viruses.

Let me qualify that.

Actually, no let’s not.

Let’s not qualify it, let’s reject it.

Smokers aren’t like viruses. They are viruses. Take the example of fag boxes (cigarette packets to our more dainty readers.) Smokers build up resistance. Stick a tiny warning on it, such as “Smoking has been associated with lung cancer” and they’ll take a look, and some might stop smoking for a bit. But the urge makes them go back, and try again and again, and eventually the warning’s effectiveness is eroded.

Then you have to try other warnings. Then threats. Then pictures of cancer victims (The latest ploy.) Even if you lined them up against hte wall and shot them, I’m sure they’d still manage to ensure the gun barrel smoked. I am of the firm belief that smokers will always come back, more in a zombie way than a doritos way, unless you irradiate them or something. If there was one smoker left on earth, and the rest had died in a smoking-related accident, and were ina big smoking heap nearby, I’m of the firm belief that he or she would quit for a week, and then be right back in there.

That said I *am* a total illiberal bigot.

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