Disney ‘s series of national curriculum guidebooks are aimed at supporting teaching in schools, whilst imbuing kids with the goodness that is Disney. This particular edition uses the recognisable characters and locations of the jungle book, to help teach Maths, English and Science to pupils from the ages of 5 to 7. The adventure elements supposedly encourage children to concentrate, answer correctly, and keep coming back for more education, and more magic. The puzzles aren’t complicated, or particularly original, except to the age group under question.

We’ve found that if the child has experienced the movie in question, it will keep working on the adventure puzzles/educational materials even without supervision, so if your children have to watch Disney’s unchallenging films, then this series is a helpful buy. If you don’t feel like subjecting your children to Disney’s particular morality, or you simply feel your child could do with more stretching than this offers, then avoid it.

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