Month: April 2003

  • Been a while, good buddies. I’ve visiited the US. since I last posted, and lived without blogging for a goodly while. However today’s little briefing isn’t anything about LA, or the war, as I’m sticking to my favourite topic; me. That’s right, today, I’m just listing all those foot in mouth situations that keep cropping […]

  • “He is known to us…”, the Policeman said, polishing a small box. Inside the small box was a smaller box, and inside that one yet smaller, and inside that… Well, there’s no point finishing that sentence is there? You’ve seen an elipsis, you’ve felt the tension of it wobble off the back of your retina, […]

  • The Observer | Comment | Terry Jones: I’m losing patience with my neighbours, Mr Bush A Python swallows rather than spits.

  • This man is a hero.

  • Winners of the Ig® Nobel Prize