In this month’s mag we’ve got a feature on the future of the PC, seeing what’s in store over the next decade. Our SuperTest this month takes a look at the whole removable storage phenomenon, and investigates which is the best option for storage and why. As for games we’ve got Unreal 2, the Doctor Moreau stylings of Impossible Creatures and the jingoistic violence of Command and Conquer: Generals. And then of course there’s the King of Kontroversy, Aga of the Argument, the GeForce FX…

As for the disc, that’ll leave you drooling too. We’ve got the sneering stylings of TOCA: Race Driver, the Fog-like horror of Mistmare and the imperial might of Praetorians as demos, with the sheepish form of World Empire IV sneaking in as a full game. As for those droolworthy full apps: all you aspirin-poppers out there will think Rave eJay sound, go weak at the knees for Truespace 3’s 3d models and never worry about spyware again with Advanced Uninstaller. And then there’s the usual endless selection of DVD extras.



There are few harder things in life than introducing yourself, especially in print where mellifluous nuance can turn to indulgent wankery. So. I am definitely a 'writer'. You could also call me an 'artist'. I could probably put the words 'designer' and 'consultant' here too, but they feel crass.

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