Month: October 2002

  • You are talking to Russian Theatregoer

    I promised a mate I’d put this in, despite its mediocrity… You are talking to Russian Theatregoer Russian Theatregoer says: update your blog you bastard! Chalk on Glass =_= says: doh. will do when I get a mo’ Russian Theatregoer says: you’re severely inconveniencing me. I’ve got no-one to live my life through… Chalk on […]

  • Publisher Wanadoo Web Price £14.99 Save Yes Link-Up No Out Now Extreme Ghostbusters: Code Ecto-1 Those withered types who follow the media hype will have noticed a touch of fuss around a game called BMX XXX. This bravely attempted to combine the seemingly opposed genres of cycling and sex, without mentioning saddle sores. Extreme […]

  • Signs of a bad hangover (no. 195 in a continuing series of alcoholic diasters) : Dinner consisting of canned tuna in brine and mushy peas – mixed. With Guinness as an apertif. Eesh.

  • Sci-fi idea – future world where everything filtered to end user – houses filter visitors, phone calls filter/alter conversations based on preferences (that become implicit as you grow up in world) – siftware – great theme to bring up standard epistemological question – end panglossian society protected from outside world – crux of course is […]

  • Pure moments of embarassment §16,970 Sat at desk, with dictionary of quotations open in front of me at completely inappropriate section for computer magazine, with web page open on computer “how to make lysergic acid in the home”, and big chunky headphones on spewing out the bonzo dog doodah band’s “we are normal and we […]