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To the tune of: Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday . It was my eleventy-first birthday on Monday. Here’s what I did. Timestamp: 12.30 a.m. OH, what a night! A quiet drink with several friends ended with me dropping my switch card somewhere and Quintin dunking my phone in his Gulden Draak. The phone didn’t die

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Poems For A Broken Heart

To the tune of: The Magnetic Fields – Always Already Gone (suggestion from Tony Ellis). I’ve been reading my dad’s old copy of McEachran’s A Cauldron Of Spells – it’s snippets of poetry that feel good read out loud. I think it’s helping. I’ve picked my favourites out and interspersed them below. She was a

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My Recent Photos

Recent Images, originally uploaded by Hot Grill. 1. The White Horse of Billericay, 2. Too Many Signs, 3. The Gap, 4. Beautiful Big-Eared Piggles, 5. Freaky Teddy Bears & Doll, 6. 170309 105, 7. Worm, 8. Mannequin, 9. The White Horse of Billericay

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