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Yes, for Jews all over the world this is Cheesecake day! The day where you’re obliged to eat Cheesecake or Blintzes, Shavuot, the festival of, uh, cheese. Wikipedia has this explanation of “the night before the Torah was given, the Jews went to sleep to be well-rested for the big day ahead. However, they failed […]

Dave Gilbert: The Shivah Glorious little rabinical mini-game I’ve been looking at. Will have to give it a go and report back. I’m also playing Kudos at the moment, a life-simulator by the maker of the excellent election/re-election sim Democracy where you start off as a 20 year-old and have to achieve success by your […]

I promised a mate I’d put this in, despite its mediocrity… You are talking to Russian Theatregoer Russian Theatregoer says: update your blog you bastard! Chalk on Glass =_= says: doh. will do when I get a mo’ Russian Theatregoer says: you’re severely inconveniencing me. I’ve got no-one to live my life through… Chalk on […]