Ten Things I learnt from HitMebiz

Cardinal Place taken by Simon Wicks

  1. Radian6 is the paid-for social media metric of choice… (@robshaw99)
  2. …while Google Alerts is the free metric. (@melcarson)
  3. Any brand failure to engage with users will be punished…
  4. …but don’t overlink your sites – and don’t build e-commerce and social-bait sites on the same IP. (John Straw, @searchDNA)
  5. Long tail keywords are best for SEO.
  6. By 2019 your ipod will have enough space to record your entire life. (Via Kryder’s law.)  (John Straw)
  7. Always put your latitude and longitude under your address (getting yourself ready for Google Local). (John Straw)
  8. The words Egonet, Eigenfactor, Indegree and Inbetweenness were made by mathematicians, not poets, but are worthy of the attention of social network engineers. (Mat Morrison @mediaczar)
  9. Make sure all of this nonsense ties into a wider media plan…
  10. …but don’t forget the day job.

6 thoughts on “Ten Things I learnt from HitMebiz

  1. Hey there Dan,

    I followed the #HitMebiz via Twitter, it seemed to be an interesting day.

    Thanks for providing ten things you learn from the day, they’re all thinking points – and thanks for giving the number 1 slot to Radian6!

    I’d be happy to show you the product at anytime so feel free to connect if you want to know more.

    Thanks again,

    Paul Taylor | Co-Founder, 6Consulting (UK Radian6 Partner)


  2. Hi Dan – thanks for this – nice idea. On Google Alerts, I said it was a cheap/free way of monitoring your brand or KWs. It’s not a metric as such. We measure all sorts of stuff. But engagements – page views, video views, photo views, retweets etc – is one. How often are people talking about you and what’s the sentiment? Keep in touch! Mel


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