The Dreams In Which I'm Dying

To the tune of: Mad World by Tears for Fears.

Dr Greg Slaps Me Awake
Dr Greg Slaps Me Awake

First Dream (Nightmare): Mass Effect 2 interactable highlight encapsulating a plastic dinner tub, endlessly tesselating and overlapping.

Second Dream (Nightmare): A hole through the tiled splash wall behind the cooker in our old house, a hole that’s like something has bored/burned through wood but it’s tiles. Me and my mum lever the tiles off and there’s two openings behind the plaster. The right one is an old cast iron oven door and, when we open it, there’s still a fire in there, reassuringly glowing. The left one is the source of the bored hole and it’s like a flap in a wooden panel, with a little finger hole for access. We don’t open it.

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