Month: February 2010

  • Red Write Hand

    Red Write Hand

    To the tune of Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds I gone and done wrote something, hic: I’m Big Daddy Delta, terror of Rapture, splitter of splicers, defender of the weak, diving suit fetishist extraordinaire. I’m stuck on one side of a door, there’s a broken window and a yellow glowing […]

  • Why is the housing population ageing?

    To the tune of: Our House by Crosby, Still, Nash & Young The Other Reader is determined to make an Economist of me at the moment and was very annoyed when last night I couldn’t answer the nonsense question, “Why is the housing population ageing?” I have determined therefore to attempt an answer herewith, fol de rol, […]

  • Added Extras

    (This is a response to Rob Fahey’s Special Editions piece on To the tune of: Yo, Ho – Disney There are three things that are going to keep gamers buying games rather than pirating them. Those are community play (achievements, online play, friend lists, chat, etc), fear (in my opinion, generally inducing negative emotions […]

  • Through Looking Glass, Darkly.

    To The Tune Of: Hey, Hey, 16K by MJ Hibbert Having launched the Official Xbox 360 Magazine, it would be surprising for me to say that I’m platform agnostic, but possibly more surprising to say that I’ve been a PC gamer all my life. PC wasn’t my first love – that was, of all things, […]

  • Moral Incontinence (akrasia) and Technology

    To the tune of: Akrasia by James Falzone I have a problem with tech – I’m morally incontinent (stop your giggling at the back, Jenkins!), in that my mind is slightly spoiled so it strongly seeks pleasure, even when I know that the good thing is something else. Plato called it ‘akrasia’, and it implies […]