Month: October 2008

  • Fragmentary Day

    I stopped blogging for a long time, I don’t know why, comfort perhaps. Stimulus to restart? “Holocause is Coming”, “All Jews Must Die” and “Juden Mord” written in chalk on the road outside my house in Golders Green – not targetted at me, but at the local community. I thought our area was wonderfully mixed […]

  • God Hates Signs

    westboro baptist church and me, originally uploaded by Burstein!.

  • Post 1.001 – Conversational Fragments

    Auden is darkly, depressibly comic, eloquent, concerned both about the wider world and the horrible authorities in it, and with the very, very personal and embarassing. He’s like an Elliot without the unnecessary stretching for benchmarking references… It’s a sad poem, of a man past his prime or never in it, lusting in the carefully-instituional […]

  • GMAs

    Trade hails its media darlings | Gaming Industry | News by MCV It also featured a very special Games Media Legend award which went to Future veteran Steve Jarratt, the man who launched Edge and Official PlayStation Magazine. The winners were decided by a vote that was thrown open to MCV’s entire readership.Having lost out […]

  • John Cleese on Sarah Palin “I used to think Michael Palin was the funniest Palin”. Awesome put-down (Thanks Johnny Minkley).