Month: March 2007

  • Static, Smoking & Stench

    I left my MP3 player on top of Toby’s speakers whilst he was playing Death Metal Grindcore and some of the horror crept inside and killed my folk MP3s. Now it just crashes when I try and play anything. So on the way to work I listen to the Radio, when I remember, which is […]

  • It's in his face.

    To The Tune of: Linda Lewis – It’s In His Kiss From the BBC: Does he love you so? Maybe it really is in his face… Men with highly masculine faces were judged more likely to get into physical fights, challenge their bosses, sleep with many women, cheat on their partners and knowingly hit on someone else’s […]

  • Metal Brains

    Heavy metal ‘a comfort for the bright child The results of a study of more than 1,000 of the brightest five per cent of young people will come as relief to parents whose offspring, usually long-haired, are devotees of Iron Maiden, AC/DC and their musical descendants. Researchers found that, far from being a sign of […]

  • Ego Blogging

    A few more of my 360 reviews and previews have popped up online: Def Jam: IconBrian Lara CricketSuperman ReturnsBattlestations: MidwayShivering Isles (preview)

  • Paper Angels

    The delightfully simple Paperboy (available on Live Arcade since 14/02/07) has reminded me that there simply aren’t enough pacifist games, still less non-competitive ones. Being a conscientious objector myself, I would never handle a firearm (I’ve always turned down trips that promised this as a feature), I don’t believe in glorying in violence and I […]