Month: October 2006

Hello! Apparently, I have lots of readers on here I didn’t know about including my beloved workmates (hi again guys!) so I’m being very safe and nice and clean and all BBC on here. God bless and keep her majesty, long may she burn, erm, rule! SAFE TOPIC #1: Triple Salt LicoriceThis stuff is teh […]

I’d like to say sorry to anyone I’ve offended with my posts on here. I’ve been disrespectful and rude to my team members and unduly denigrated their talents. I’ve deleted the more offensive posts and I apologise wholeheartedly about any content that remains. I’ve made the mistake of treating a private blog as a private […]

Pentadact commented: Would this be a bad time to note that “lets” in the context of “allows” doesn’t have an apostrophe? I’ve recently got to reading two magazines more closely, one very mainstream and in-your-face, the other more niche and intellectual. I’m finding the mainstream one wins dramatically in the precision stakes. Almost everything on […]

Normally, I let things slide. I don’t mind minor errors, I don’t try to argue with the fanatics and I look upon friend’s idiocies as endearing foibles. When I do argue, it doesn’t bother me, it’s just a laugh. Yet in the last few weeks, my prissiness has got the better of me and I’ve started correcting people, complaining when I felt complaints needed to be made. Price is right (no pun intended) that our society no longer prizes accuracy.