Month: August 2006

  • Gods balls Father

    God’s balls, Father…oh, sod, I said GOD’S BALLS, FATHER.Humph… sntft. What is it? What’s seized your piss-addled brain the night?Oh, did I wake you? Apolo-You did and deliberately, you inadequate pancreatic wretchery. For what craggled notions am I dragged from me som…sombre… somnabulances?Oh, just… well, blast and blood, I was trying to decipher these here […]

  • Feck me, Bezoars worked!

    “Modern examinations of the properties of bezoars by Gustaf Arrhenius and Andrew A. Benson of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography have shown that they could, when immersed in an arsenic-laced solution, remove the poison. The toxic compounds in arsenic are arsenate and arsenite. Each is acted upon differently, but effectively, by bezoar stones. Arsenate is […]

  • There's Something Floral Here

    websiteasgraphs Originally uploaded by Hot Grill. I really like the images produced by this little gizmo (link deleted for safe browsing after it was compromised.) In case you can’t be arsed following the link, it turns websites into geometric representations, in a most charming manner. Here’s the legend, if you care. blue: for links (the […]

  • 1929 Passport Photo

    1929 Passport Photo Originally uploaded by Dimitri Griliopoulos. This is my grandad, back in the Greece of 1929. He was born in 1907 I believe, so he’s four years younger than me here. I could make comments about ageing, decay, etc, but there’s no point – anyone with a half-a-brain can extrapolate from my appearance […]

  • Flickr Photo Download: Lego Star Wars II – naked Stormtrooper

    I’ve forgotten how to say Lebanon. It reminds me too much of some Elvish word; Lebanen, I suspect. I keep getting into impassioned arguments about the bastardliness of the situation over there, and then am unable to pronounce the word. Anyway, I think the Israeli’s had no choice but to bomb civilians, just like Bush […]