Month: March 2006

Reproduced entirely from the BLDGBLOG cos of its wonderfulnessness:The reef’s history, from New Scientist: “About 200 million years ago the sea level rose throughout the world. A huge ocean known as the Tethys Seaway expanded to reach almost around the globe at the Equator. Its warm, shallow waters enhanced the deposition of widespread lime muds […]

US debt clock running out of time, space – Yahoo! News: “So rapid is the rise of the US national debt, that the last four digits of a giant digital signboard counting the moving total near New York’s Times Square move in seemingly random increments as they struggle to keep pace. The national debt clock, […]

Having received both Guitar Hero and an extra-special sooper-dooper copy of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on Friday, I went to Toby’s for a house-warming. I staggered in smelling of meat, late and drunk, with the Guitar Hero fake Gibson Les Paul slung over my back. An excellent way to enter a party. The party was […]

I’m scared and confused. This comes naturally to me; I’ve been referred to in the past as “the most scared man alive”. Opening post addressed to me fills me with horror, terror that someone’s found something nasty about me out, even though I know I’ve done nothing wrong, or that a friend has died or […]